Morso S101-12

Morsø S101 is an advanced insert firebox, that both meets the strictest environmental requirements and reflects our strong traditions of workmanship.

The built in fireplace distributes the heat efficiently throughout the room and leads to truly comfortable warmth. We all remember open fireplaces, but they have the unfortunate disadvantage that, just like a camp fire, they cause radiation in front and draughts behind. We avoid this by using a firebox, as the convection air in the stove mixes with the air in the room and distributes the heat. This gives the greatest possible comfort near the fireplace.

Morsø S101-12 has a guillotine door closer, which rises and elegantly disappears behind the wall.


Rated Output (kw) 10
Height (mm) 1339 – 1539
Width (mm) 805
Depth (mm) 602
Weight (kg) 156