Morso 1126 Inset Stove

Morso 5460

“We have created a stove which puts the particular features of cast iron to the test and combines Morso tradition with present-day ideas of a modern wood-burning stove.” DesignPartners.

Touch-screen on the wall

Morso’s new fireplace insert. The high front of black glass opens towards the viewer, with the rounded-off door giving the insert a completely special, modern look, an appearance not unlike a touch-screen. There is also a large element of sentimental value from the exposed hinges and the black bakelite handle, a feature inherited from the old, classic Morso stoves.

Cast-iron air control

The insert is easy to use, as the stove’s air intake – and therefore also the combustion and heat – are controlled by a simple handle, designed in cast iron. Like the entire range, the fireplace has an advanced combustion system allowing tertiary air to be supplied to ensure that the stove meets the strictest requirements for environmentally-conscious heating, and it bears the Nordic Swan eco-label. The stove can heat homes measuring up to 120 square metres..