Heta Scan-Line 800M (Side Windows)

The Scan-Line 800M series is a development of the classic 800 series.

The Scan-line 800M series comprises of three different variants to meet individual customer requirements. The standard product programme also includes options for accumulating large volumes of heat, baking oven, swivel models and combustion chambers at different heights. The 800M series gives you an excellent opportunity for creating a stove, which fits perfectly in your home interior.

The Scan-Line 800M and Scan-Line 820M models are now also available with side windows. This means that you can view the flames from different sides of the stove, making your stove an even more stylish, sculptural element in your home. And of course this stunning look is achieved without compromising the stove’s perfect combustion qualities.

Top, sides and front door can be enamelled individually or in any combination.

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