Heta Scan-Line 80

Design oriented thermal mass stoves

The Scan-Line 80 and 80XL is based on Heta’s popular Scan-Line 800 combustion chamber. This high-efficiency, user-friendly chamber offers great views of the large attractive flames. The combustion chamber also operates efficiently down to 2 kW output. The Scan-Line 80 and 80XL has solid soapstone or ceramic tiles which are easily mounted on the combustion chamber’s steel housing. The large tiles result in a rugged yet very modern design, thanks to the cylindrical shape. Heta’s large patented ash drawer is concealed behind the lowest tiles, which slide out smoothly on rails and also provide access to a storage room.

The Scan-Line 80 offers the same attractive qualities as its XL big brother, but with less heat storage. The Scan-Line 80 is ideal for settings with lower ceiling height, and is still a rugged stove made of heavy soapstone.

Front door can be enamelled. Color options here.

KeCerá ceramic options here.